Parting Shots

National Parks Class:  Let met echo what Kelly said in her previous post.  It’s been a great course and a good semester, and I’ve enjoyed learning with you and from you all about landscape art, 19th-century American Imperialism, and more.  Further, it’s been a joy to see how each of you have applied these ideas, which in reality are about much more than just the national parks, to your own art and meditations on humans and nature.

Inness, The Lackawanna Valley, 1855

I’ll also echo what Kelly said about grades.  We sat down and tabulated these together, and for the most part, those who got below a B in the class did so because they did not write all of the blog posts.  Again, blogging, forming ideas, and having extended meditations on cultural artifacts and actual works of art was a big part of the course.  There were no exams, no researched essays, and no traditional projects like annotated bibliographies.  That’s why blogging comprised so much of the final grade.

I hope you all thought that the skill of blogging was a valuable one to learn. Each of you has developed the ability to participate in public discussions.  One shout out goes to Jack Vest, whose “Where the Wild Things Are” was the most popular post all semester. So far, it’s scored over 900 hits!

We also evaluated your final projects, and many of them were excellent.  Kelly and I have extensive notes on your presentations and projects, and if you are in fact curious about how we evaluated your final project, you are welcome to e mail us and we’ll be happy to share.

Best to everyone this holiday season, and I hope to see you all around the Carmichael Library!