The Pastoral Trope and Its Influence on Man-Made Spaces

For my final project I wrote an essay about the pastoral trope. I’ve always been interested in how common themes are spread and I liked how pretty much everything we discussed in class could be brought back to the pastoral. I researched the beginnings of the trope and how literary pastoral inspired landscape architects like Olmsted. Parts of my essay focuses on Glen A. Love’s writings in Practical Ecocriticism: Literature, Biology, and the Environment, as well as the pastoral trope and Yosemite. I’ve made a slideshow to go along with it and I’ll be showing a video of people in a time lapse in Yosemite.





Final Project: Nature and Technology

I’ve always been a technology person. Whenever I visit my parents it’s a miracle if I don’t have to fix the computer, tv, camera, or somebody’s cell phone. But there’s also a part of me that is drawn to nature as well, so the main things that stuck with me from discussions in this class have to do with the relationships between nature and technology. As I was preparing for my painting and doing some research about it, I started to see two different sides of the issue emerge. Continue reading

Final Project: An Exploration of How We View Nature

For my final project I created an environmental artwork, and also made a video which documents the piece and provides an explanation of the work and its meaning. During my presentation I will show the video, and hopefully talk about or answer any questions about the piece. Even though the audio in the video is a recording of me reading my artist statement, I have also posted it here for anyone who would like to read it: Continue reading

My final presentation: Human Nature, the impact of this class on my work

For my final presentation, I wrote a paper which I will present to the class along with a power point that describes how this course has influenced my ideas and concepts about my artwork and contributed to my most recent project, my senior exhibition. Hopefully my presentation will work sort of like an artist’s talk, I’ll read my paper aloud and switch through the slides accordingly. Below I have posted the link to my sliderocket, and additionally I will come back and post my paper on googledocs once I have added my citations and all that jazz.

My slides:

My doc:

Prospectus: Animation

I apologize for this being typed up and entered onto the blog so late. I will definitely need to amend and add onto this post once I have a clearer idea of what I’m planning on doing. Considering my large workload this semester, I’m considering doing something that ties in with my Senior Art Show, to help kill two birds with one stone. However, I am still struggling with ideas, so this post is bound for change, and I am open to any suggestions I can get.

For my final project, I am planning on creating an abstract animation, perhaps a 3D animation, which deals with the idea that the National Parks are designed, maintained, and not entirely natural anymore. I want the animation to reflect metaphorically what the parks have become. My Senior Art project is currently dealing with similar issues and imagery, so I think I could tie the two together pretty well.

I am considering creating this in the open-source 3D modeling and animation software, Blender, found at Content-wise, I want to recreate a view of one of the parks, probably a view that was rendered in one of the paintings we’ve talked about (i.e., recreating Bierstadt’s Yosemite view), and have the area change and become more “synthetic” over the course of the animation. By this, I mean I want to show a human influence on the area. Perhaps reflecting literal additions to the view, or perhaps entirely constructed or even surreal. Perhaps the trees will become more blatantly artificial. Perhaps the mountains will be subdued, like in the painting series depicting the rise and fall of civilization.

In fact, it might be interesting to see something similar to that series progress in a recognizable place like Yosemite or Yellowstone.

The final animation would not be too lengthy. Probably somewhere between 1-3 minutes. In order to post it to the blog, I would upload it to YouTube and embed the final result in a blog post.
I realize this prospectus is short and lacking at the moment. I will be sure to update this with more sufficient information once I have my ideas straightened out.