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Graphic Design and Drawing major at the University of Montevallo.

The Epitome of the Sublime Preview

So my final for this course is my search for the ultimate scenery that can be described as sublime. As I have stated in other post before, the idea of the sublime is something that I can not help but find interesting. It makes me wonder how we come to decide what is and is not sublime and for what reasons. This of course is something we talked about in class, but I really wanted to explore the concept further.

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The Epitome of the Sublime

Though it has been posted a bit late, I have been thinking about my prospectus and I have not really been able to stray from this one idea. It is hard to develop other leads when the possibility of this topic is still hanging over my head.

In my last blog post I discussed the different points of view on the Sublime. This topic, for some reason, is still something I rethink frequently. As an art major, I’ve also always found the way other people perceive the world around them interesting. So for my prospectus, I was thinking about something along the lines of getting a group or forum of people together to cooperate and draw what their view of the sublime is.

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My view of the sublime

At first I did not know where to put this article. I felt as though it was more of an art-interpretation considering I was bringing some of the gallery pieces into this conversation, but since this is more about my opinion of the sublime, I decided that this is more a free-form article. I’ve been thinking about the sublime, and what someone sees as sublime since we discussed it in class a few weeks ago. While glancing at some of the readings and photos in class I feel like the Sublime is meant to be these huge mountain landscapes and these wide open valleys, and for some, I am sure it is. Continue reading

A lot more to think about.


I do not recall us talking about this painting in class yet, but when I am on the internet it sure seems to appear quite a lot. In fact I was looking about analyzing this photo before I found it in the gallery. There is just so much going on in this painting by Emmanuel Leutze that I think it holds a lot of interest.

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