Thoughts of a Wilderness for Whites


Again, it always weirdly surprises me when topics in class, or characters from the past, sometimes, somehow, cross paths with events in my day to day free time outside of class. When we were watching the documentary on Yosemite and the African American park ranger, Shelton Johnson, spoke about peering out onto a herd of buffalo he felt like he was in the first day of creation. I recognized him immediately from an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show I saw sometime last summer. The coincidence doesn’t stop there.

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Ideas and Fears

I have been brainstorming for days what I would like to do for my final project. Initially I thought a video format would be a good format in order to share in class as well as on the blog, but because I am not familliar with video formatting I was unsure about my personal abilities in creating somthing thats nice, informative, and flows well. After speaking with a close friend that is a Mass Comm major my fears have settled a bit. She has been to many National Parks and can edit video no problem. I plan to interview her as well as seek advice for editing when that time comes. My idea is to interview anywhere from 3-7 people depending on how many individuals I can round up and ask them about their park experience as well as some ideas we have raised in class. That is another area I would need assistance/ feedback. Some questions I was thinking of asking:

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Scale Down

I saw the Avette Brothers post and instantly loved the idea of incorporating a music video into a blog post. I racked my brain to think of a music video that was as powerful as “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Sorrow” and after a few seconds these southern soul sisters came to mind.

This has got to be the most powerful song/video I have herd and seen ever! I even had the pleasure to see these sisters at a music festival this summer. They are even more powerful live! I hate they did not play this song; but they surly did not disappoint my eyes or ears.

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Death in the Pastoral

I always like to consider what my first thought was when looking at a piece of art for the first time. Since there is nothing to be ashamed of here behind a computer screen I honestly thought when looking at Nicholas Poussin’s Et in Arcadia Ego was: What great sandals! Seriously. Before you judge me take a look…

They are even shiny like the ones at Urban. You know you would totally rock those shnazy shoes! Okay, okay just trying to give you a little chuckle and break from the serious art critiques out there. Now onto the serious stuff.  Continue reading

Early Morning Reflections

Hello there blog family!

This is no surprise to me that I am writing my blog post at the last minute. I thrive (and freak) on procrastination. It is something I tend to dislike about myself, but then again continue to work under the last minute again and again.

I wanted to begin by saying a little about myself and my excitement for the course. Please do not mistake my procrastination as a sign of disregard for the course. I promise this is my go to game plan for every class I am taking…I always tell myself, no worries Melissa, you work better under pressure! Please tell me I am not the only one who lies to their self this way?!

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