About Kendra

I'm 23 years old. An art major with a drawing concentration and a super-senior! I also love the color purple, which is one of the reasons why I love this school ;)

Central Park: Ever changing

This is a video that kind of maps out Central Park and shows how it’s always changing. It relates to Chace and my final project on how it’s designed and how it looks a lot like the Olmsted designed campuses.


Brother Bear

Just letting everyone know that Brother Bear is on right now on My68 channel 47! Since this is one of the movies that we talk about in class sometimes I wanted to share with you guys. This is what happens when you disrupt nature. Enjoy the movie!

Give your feedback on how this movie relates to class if you want!

Living in Peace

Edward Hicks, Peaceable Kingdom (c. 1834)

I really am fascinated by this painting. I will admit that at first seeing it on the screen in class, it freaked me out. As I kept looking at it though and understood it better, it wasn’t so bad after all.

This painting is the poster child for peace in nature and politics. It looks very elementary and not folk art by any means. But it is that innocence that it conveys that makes it interesting.

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National Parks: Our Own Eden

I am currently taking English 231 this semester and coincidentally we are reading John Milton’s Paradise Lost. While typing a paper for that class, it occurred to me that it had a lot of relation to this class. Paradise Lost is basically the story of the beginning of the world. More importantly, it is the story of the world’s first national park created by God, Eden. Continue reading

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

As I think back to last Monday’s class, I remember having a discussion on how people have different views on nature. Some view nature through scientific eyes, while some view nature through observance of its own natural beauty. Others just see nature as the wilderness or a danger and a threat. Why can’t nature be all of these things? Isn’t everything that a person sees how they perceive it to be?

Ebenezer Swamp

This is a picture that I took of Ebenezer Swamp last fall during my Color Drawing class with Professor Joe Bennett. In this photograph you can see that the swamp has a lot going on around it. There are trees that have fallen into the swamp. The moss and leaves are growing all over the place. It doesn’t quite look like a place where you can walk around and admire your surroundings.

Drawing of Ebenezer Swamp

Now look at my drawing of the swamp from the picture. Still looks the same, but not as intimidating. It’s definitely still very busy. Although, as opposed to the picture, in my drawing of the swamp everything is bit calmer. The leaves, moss, and grass are blended together through different colors and there is only one fallen tree in the background. My perception of the swamp was an animated colorful place. I did not see it as intimidating or ugly.

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