A last minute thought..

I liked the discussions we had in class about the sublime. The sublime was kind of something I took for granted before I ever really thought about it. I feel like I look at things, especially in nature, differently now. Since the sublime was so intriguing to me, I really enjoyed the presentation about the sublime and most wanted landscapes. I though it was interesting how everybody seemed to want something different, because what is beautiful and sublime to one person may not be for another. It just reminds us how diverse our society really is, especially in college where you have all kinds of people coming together from all different backgrounds. There is no way to please everyone, and no one size fits all ideal landscape. I know it is cliché but, I guess beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. 


See America: Promotion of the National Parks

I have researched the promotion of the National Parks and found some really cool vintage travel poster. Here’s a link to my Pinterest board- See America

Believe it or not, there is a council specifically for promoting the National Parks. It is called National Parks Promotion Council. The website for the NPPC has information about the parks, marketing and research information, and a blog. I was intrigued by the blog because blogging was a part of our class this semester. There was one article from the blog that stood out to me, it was titled, The Mountain Doesn’t Care If You’re Black. Continue reading

More Elk to be Culled at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

More Elk to be Culled at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    I keep stumbling over interesting articles while in search of other things. I picked this article to share with the ya’ll tonight in class. It talks about the maintaining of the elk population at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

    After reading the article, I did a little more research on the topic and found out that the elks were introduced to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in 1985. They started with only 47 elk and by 2010 there were between 900 and 1,000 inside the park. Continue reading

Living the American Dream

Yesterday in Sunday school we were discussing the American dream, and who we thought was living the American dream. When you’re asked, who is living the dream? You may think of someone who has lots of money or really nice things like a movie star or celebrity. That’s what I thought of, but someone said something that kind of surprised me. They said that Teddy Roosevelt lived the American dream. They made mention of the fact that he was sickly and had bad asthma as a child but was able to make something of himself by his own will. They also mentioned his hand in the creation of the national parks. That thought was really interesting and I immediately though *blog idea*. So, I did a little research and found this great article about Roosevelt and the nation parks.

Theodore Roosevelt, 1885

Theodore Roosevelt, 1885

At the beginning of the article it talks about how Roosevelt became interested in the nature and the preservation of animals. Did you know he was a taxidermist and donated some of his preserved animal to the Smithsonian? The article also tells about Roosevelt taking a break from his campaign trail to spend a couple of weeks touring and camping in Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. I was excited to read the park about John Muir helping convince Roosevelt to expand Yosemite, because we watched that part of the video in class, and I thought it was really interesting.

Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir, Grizzly Giant Tree, Yosemite National Park, 1903

Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir, Grizzly Giant Tree, Yosemite National Park, 1903

After thing about it I think the lady in my Sunday school class was right about Teddy Roosevelt living the American dream. As a child he didn’t show much hope for prosperity, but he found something he loved and believed in, which was nature and the preservation of it, and he perused it.  He made a great impact on the national parks. They would probably be much different today if it were not for Roosevelt and his love of nature.

travel magazine

I am an art major without a concentration. I am currently taking introduction to graphic design. I really enjoy graphic design so I have decided to incorporate it into my project. My project is going to be about national park and how they are promoted and advertised to the public. I will also try to find out what makes trips to the national parks desirable vacation destinations. Continue reading

The Avett Brothers and The Course of Empire


I have been struggling with blog ideas the last few weeks, but someone introduced me to this song by The Avett Brothers this weekend. The song is excellent but irrelevant. The video on the other hand, instantly reminded me of The Course of Empire series by Thomas Cole. I thought of the statement someone made in class the other day about how nature doesn’t need us. It does just fine on its own. That is too true. It is also very interesting how nature goes through cycles as shown in the video and as illustrated by Cole. My favorite piece in Cole’s series is definitely Desolation.

It is as if nature has served its purpose. It gave the people a place to live and grow, and now it is resting and waiting of someone or something else to come along and put it to use.