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i love photography. i love the outdoors. i love maps. i love my family. i love bluegrass. i love green tea.

2013 NOLS calendar

kelly, this is for you! as i was browsing through the NOLS website searching for more information i came across the 2013 NOLS Annual Fund Calendar Photo Contest, and thought of you since you had mentioned buying a landscape calendar each year. i know it’s not the same company you buy from, but thought you would enjoy at least taking a look.

click here to see the calendar! 


well dam!

i’m really excited that we have the opportunity to find our own reading to discuss in class. personally, i found something really interesting that i was vaguely aware of before reading this article – dams! now i’m not completely ignorant about them because i know what a dam is and what its purpose is, but i don’t think we hear enough about them other than the occasional mentioning of the Hoover Dam or a beaver dam.

this is how the Oxford American Dictionaries defines a dam: noun, a barrier, typically of concrete, constructed to hold back water and raise its level, the resulting reservoir being used in the generation of electricity or as a water supply.

after reading this article, America: the DamNation, and Oxford’s definition, i have a different perspective on dams. i promise it isn’t a boring read!


hook, line, and sinker over NOLS

as of lately with talk of graduation soon to be here, i have been pushed, encouraged, and pushed some more to really pursue photography and my love for the outdoors. my dad has always told me that if i am doing something that i love, then i will truly never have to work another day in my life. that doesn’t mean there won’t be days that are better than the rest or days that are harder to go through, but when you do what you love, is it really work?

curiosity. digital. sloss furnace, birmingham, alabama.

about a week ago i went on a photography field trip that my dad was chaperoning (he still goes on the trips even though i’ve not been in this class for years now) with my high school photography teacher, mr. mittman, and his class. they were in birmingham for the day and doing everything you could possibly fit into a single day, filling it to the brim with plenty of great photo opportunities (a typical mittman field trip). Continue reading

nothing simple about a holga

in class earlier this week i really enjoyed the photography talk. photography is my magic word and i soak that information up like a sponge, but it seems that as a result of a conversation or a comment made during class andrew did a small post about how the camera does lie. so when i read over the page he linked about the book faking it: manipulated photography before photoshop and saw the photos i immediately thought about my holga camera.

double exposure. holga 35 mm. old town helena, alabama.

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maybe i’ll rent a winnebago?

well, here goes for my “welcome to the blog” post! something that i thought about while pondering national parks, and racking my brain thinking very hard about whether or not i actually have visited a national park, and i’m sure that’s something i would recall, but what about state parks? what’s the difference in the influence a national park has upon culture, trends, artists, movements, people, etc. versus that of a state park? because while thinking about all the hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities i’ve done and places i’ve traveled to over the years, all made the “state park” list! for example, this summer i traveled out to california with my family and while we were there we hiked at palomar mountain state park, and i fell even more in love with the outdoors than i already am.

simplicity. palomar mountain state park, california.

but eventually i will have the opportunity to visit somewhere like yosemite national park, and when i do i know that i will be in awe of how beautiful and unlike alabama it is as i come away with thousands, i’m sure, of photos from that trip. Continue reading