Whew! You’re done! We’re done!

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 8.14.33 PM

A reindeer in honor of the upcoming holidays. As we have learned, people visit national parks in expectation of seeing grand wildlife, so I thought a reindeer would be appropriate!

Hey National Parks Gang!

I just wanted to post one more time and wrap things up.  I hope that you found this course interesting and that you’ve expanded your thinking about nature, culture, art, and national parks — all things that we tend to take for granted and not give a whole lot of deep, critical thought.  I hope that over the last few months we’ve changed that.

I also wanted to let you know that Andrew and I met this afternoon to evaluate, calculate, and post grades on Banner.  We looked at everyone individually and revisited all posts, discussed participation (which includes attendance, participation in discussion in and outside of class, especially via the blog), and the final projects.  There was a pattern in that those of you who did well posted all or most of the required blogs, had good participation, and had a strong final project.  Completing few blogs or posting blogs that were very short and did not meet the requirements negatively impacted grades.  Although we both don’t enjoy calculating and assigning grades (the classroom part of class is the best part of teaching) we did enjoy revisiting the class and we really did find your final projects interesting.  If you have any questions about your final grade please feel free to contact either of us.

I hope your Finals Week goes well and that you have a great break and holidays ahead!

– Kelly


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