To break the law or go extinct??

I some how just stumbled onto this website when I was looking up information on The Great Smokey Mountains, This article is about how this species of snake is eating animals to survive of course but its eating endangered species of birds and this one species of snake and has caused within a few decades to completely devastate the island’s bird life—causing the extinction of nine out of the 11 native species. The American Bird Conservancy (ABC), one of the country’s top conservation organizations, is fighting to ban the importation of such snakes. If ABC is successful, these snakes will be considered “injurious wildlife” and regulated by the Lacey Act. The Lacey Act made it illegal to transport across state lines any animals or birds killed in violation of state laws.

“Everywhere you look non-native invasive species are undermining the very ecosystems our national parks are intended to protect. Eradication of these pests in parks consume a growing amount of money. With there being no way to guarantee that “pets” will not be released into the wild, the American Bird Conservancy urges that appropriate measures be taken to prevent ecosystems in the United States from going the way of Guam.”(Hepburn)

I just thought it was really intense how that this county is having a debate on what to do with these snakes and how to handle their decreasing population in wildlife birds.


One thought on “To break the law or go extinct??

  1. Burmese pythons are a huge (literally) problem in the Everglades (also a National Park). In some places the populations of large mammals (deer, bobcat, raccoon, opossom) have decreased by 97%! They are literally devouring everything they can. Its a serious problem.

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