See America: Promotion of the National Parks

I have researched the promotion of the National Parks and found some really cool vintage travel poster. Here’s a link to my Pinterest board- See America

Believe it or not, there is a council specifically for promoting the National Parks. It is called National Parks Promotion Council. The website for the NPPC has information about the parks, marketing and research information, and a blog. I was intrigued by the blog because blogging was a part of our class this semester. There was one article from the blog that stood out to me, it was titled, The Mountain Doesn’t Care If You’re Black. The post reminded me of a discussion we had in class. It described a plan to “inspire youth of color to get outside, get active, and become stewards of our wild places.” The plan is to take the participants on an expedition to summit Denali, which is the highest peak in North America. The post also included an inspirational video to inspire the younger generation. Here’s a link to the post- The Mountain Doesn’t Care If You’re Black. Also, there is a section on the website where you can sign up to become a member of the NPPC. You would get benefits such as voting privileges, participating on committees, access to research, and receive special offers.

After reading about the promotion of National Parks, I realized that I have never seen an advertisement for a National Park until I started looking for them. So, how would someone be reminded of the parks if they weren’t taking an art history class and researching the parks? Well, park promotions are not really that wide spread unless you are looking at a travel magazine or National Park related things on the internet. Of course you would not find a See America poster in Glamour magazine, because the people that read that particular magazine probably are not looking for a nature filled getaway. You are likely to only find promotional ads in magazines and on website that are geared towards people who are most likely to visit the parks.

Travel websites such as use phrases like Heaven on Earth, American wonderland, and walk on the wild side to help make the parks desirable. One of the most effective taglines I saw was one for Glacier National Park in Montana. It said, “See a glacier in person (while you still can)” Whoa, did they play the global warming card? Yes, they did. Here are a few more good ones…

Yellowstone National ParkMake a date with Old Faithful- and bison and grizzly bears- in the world’s oldest national park

Rocky Mountain National Park: Experience a Nature high in an American wonderland

Olympic National Park: Walk on the wild side of Washington State

Yosemite National Park: Hike, climb or raft through heaven on earth

Redwoods National Park: Stroll alongside the world’s tallest trees

Sequoia and King Canyon National Parks: Stand in awe in a forest of giants

The Great Smoky Mountains: Hike or ride by horse through the country’s most popular national park

Grand Teton National Park: Stop and stare at a gorgeous mountain skyline

Mesa Verde National Park: Witness the cliff dwellings of ancient cultures

2 thoughts on “See America: Promotion of the National Parks

  1. I’m curious to see how you put these into context and what you’ve discovered and created overall.
    (And, wow….see a glacier while you still can??)

  2. This is definitely an interesting concept. I can’t wait to hear about all of your discoveries
    (especially about Yellowstone and The Smokey Mountains).

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