Viewfinder Preview.

Last class we were told to basically post a summary of our project and some questions (or something of the like) to get the class involved. Since Jack and myself have been posting ‘teasers’ of our project for each location, we are going to use those as our summary. Other wise we would have almost all of our presentation alread on here, and who really wants to sit through something you have already seen several times? We were planning on using SlideRocket to create our presentation, but the slides do not all need the same amount of time so we just went with a basic powerpoint. As a reminder, our project focuses on comparing and contrasting the way nature is viewed when seen naturally, through a man-made device, and how turning your back to the subject changes how it is precieved and their invididual pro and cons. The following is an example of the types of things our presentation will contain.

A Claude glass is a miniature mirror, convex in shape, with its surface usually slightly tinted in colour.Claude glasses became famous for being used by artists in England in the late 18th and early 19th centuries as a frame for creating picturesque landscapes.

To use, you turn your back to what you wish to view. Grasping the mirror you try to position the mirror in a way that you get a clear view of the desired subject matter. It really sounds fairly simple. 

In order to get the class involved we came up with a few questions to think about during our presentation.

  1. Which way do you think you would prefer? (Glass or eye)
  2. Where would you have went with in our area to take images?
  3. Do you prefer the images in black and white or colour and why?
  4. How would you have done the project differently?
  5. Favorite image and why?

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