America’s Wilderness

Ansel Adams is a well known artist that captured marvelous images of landscapes. He was a conservationist that encouraged respect towards the environment and seemed to portray that in his photographs. Every photo captured by Adams was well planned and gave nature a tranquil feel. The photo below was taken from a vantage point that gives a notion of nature being untouched. There are no humans, no vehicles, no visible trails, and no roads. It is almost like Adams is the first person to see the landscape, almost as if it is virgin territory and he wants others to experience in that sense.

The mountains are majestic with their tops covered in snow. The trees are unharvested. The river flows without any interference. The black and white aspect of the photo does not allow one to portray anything negative very easily. Also, the vastness of the image does not give the viewer a chance to see any up close scars on the land. If we were given photos that showed zoomed in portions of the photograph, we would be able to pick out negative aspects, hence taking away from the overall view. On the other hand, someone could see the scars as also being positive. Some scars are created from nature taking its course, but I believe Ansel Adams wanted keep people’s view of nature as something positive.

I am glad Adams was such a talented artist because his photos gave people a chance to experience these locations in a spiritual way. Someone would have to go through great links to reach a vantage point and accomplish a view of this magnitude. While looking at this photo I get a sense of infinite possibilities with virgin land, as long as it takes it course in a natural manner. Ansel Adams’ photos could be used as advertisement for the national parks. I found a video that contained images similar to Adams’ work that was an advertisement for the national parks. If Ansel Adams were still alive then I think it would be safe to say he could have a job in promoting the national parks. Here is the link to video America’s Wilderness. Take a look and see if you agree with me about Ansel Adams having a job to promote the national parks.

3 thoughts on “America’s Wilderness

  1. I thought it was interesting that you mentioned that his pictures should be used to promote the parks because that is what I am doing my project about. A lot of the posters that I have come across doing some research are very similar to the picture you talked about.

  2. I could be wrong, but I believe his photos of Yellowstone were used to raise awareness of the land. I feel as if I have read something along those lines in the past. Great read all the same! Thanks for sharing a link to that video. I really enjoyed that as well.

  3. Adams worked very closely with the Sierra Club — he was their official photographer for decades. He was certainly a promoter.

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