My article contribution for tonight: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in National Parks

Here is the article.

National Parks like Zion are beginning to place electronic charging stations at their parks, powered by solar panels.

I found this article and I thought it was interesting and relieving. After I saw the video we watched a couple weeks ago showing the amount of traffic that pours through national parks on a daily basis, it changed my perception of the parks and concerned me a bit. People flock to these parks to get in touch with nature, the most visited annually being Great Smokey Mountain National Park with 8 to 10 million visitors annually according to the article, and yet visitors drive in lines of traffic for hours with petroleum-fueled cars, simultaneously destroying the thing which they are seeking out. I think implementing charging stations at national parks that are powered by the natural energy of the sun is a great idea. It may be a small step forward and maybe won’t cause an immediate change, but gas-powered engines have a limited lifetime since gas is a nonrenewable resource, so all cars will eventually get energy from an alternative source. Putting these charging stations here in National Parks is a really good way to encourage people. Using clean energy only makes sense when people don’t have the option of walking to and around the entire national park.

Ever since humans discovered technology, we have been tweaking it to our advantage and, unfortunately, many times to nature’s disadvantage. The invention of coal powered electricity was great for us- not so much for the environment. Gasoline is another example. Now we are aware of our surroundings enough to also be aware of the repercussions that man-made technology can have on the environment, and its about time that we start adjusting our behavior and inventions to this new knowledge. Of course this will take time, money, and a solid effort on everyone’s part, but at the end of the day, we really don’t have a choice.

National Parks are ideal for encouraging the masses that flock to these sublime destinations because these are the people that already understand and value the environment. The stations can serve as a visual reminder to beware of what we can do to preserve these places that are precious to us for a variety of reasons. Then, after everyone is used to seeing these stations at these places, we can start spreading them more and more, to not only remind but make it easy for the people that might not value nature like the people that visit national parks to be responsible human beings and take care of their surroundings.


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