Ticket to Ride: You Bring the Readings to Class & Revised Schedule

We have one more conventional week of class readings and discussion on the schedule.  That final week, however, is different.  Rather than Kelly and I assigning a specific text, each of us in the class will bring something to the table as part of the class readings.

I’ll explain more about this in a second, but first, be advised of new changes to the schedule of the final weeks of this class.  They are as follows:

1.  We will be meeting this coming Monday, Nov. 12 to discuss readings and artifacts that we each come up with.

2.  We will not meet the following Monday, Nov. 19th.  We’ll cancel this class in exchange for going to the art museum at the end of the week after Thanksgiving.  That’s right. Class is cancelled the Monday before Thanksgiving.

3.  However, the final checkpoint for blog free-form articles and art interpretations will still be on Nov. 19th.

4. We will meet on Monday, Nov. 26, and the first half of the class will present your final projects in class. More to follow shortly on who will present, when, and what presenting entails.

5.  During the time between Nov. 27-Nov. 30, we will likely visit the Birmingham Art Museum.

See the revised syllabus for all of this information. Also, don’t forget to fill in your final project information on the Google Document! I haven’t seen anyone do this yet. Now, on to what we will do for this week’s class.

As we are nearing the end of the semester, we wanted to take some time and make connections between what we’ve been reading, the art we’ve been encountering, and what people are saying today about the national parks.  Appropriately, then, Kelly and I would like each person in the class to find at least one article or artifact published recently about the national parks.  You can find anything, but once you do find it, share it with us.  Again,

1. Find some article or artifact that has to do with the National Parks

2.  Post a link to it on the blog, and provide some connections to earlier discussions we’ve had in class.

3.  Be prepared to talk about your article when we get to class on Monday.

Places to Find Articles & Artifacts

1.  Google News – Do keyword searches for things like “National Parks,” “Yellowstone,” etc. and find recent news articles from mainstream publications.

2. Twitter – Find information via hashtag searches or from relevant feeds, like @NatlParkService.

3. General databases like Academic Search Premier or Academic OneFile

4. YouTube

Stay tuned for another post by me where I share the article I’ve found. Remember, you might as well take time to elaborate on what you find and turn it in to a free-form article.  Just remember to underscore the piece you do find.  If you have any questions, let me or Kelly know.


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