The Camera Does Lie

The camera does lie, and evidently it always has. I saw a Tweet about this book the day after our class this past week.  Very interesting stuff!

Faking It:  Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop (Yale UP)

5 thoughts on “The Camera Does Lie

  1. Negatives are super easy to alter. Most landscape images are double negatives since it is rather hard to expose for the land and the sky in the same one. Jerry Uelsmann’s entire career has been made on doing what most of us do in photoshop but in the darkroom. You really should check out his work.

  2. i love this, especially the photo of him “free falling”. i’m going to have to hunt this book down and add it to my collection! but in the “about this book” section they mentioned a few methods about manipulating images that i learned in the film photography class i took in high school, but the one that stuck out in particular was multiple exposure. you can do this both in the darkroom and in the camera while shooting, though it depends upon what camera you’re using. with that said, there is a nifty, little plastic camera that does this – a holga! they were these basic, every day cameras created back in the 80’s for general picture taking, but now are extremely sought after because of the really cool affects and manipulations they are capable of (not to mention they’re very hipster in look and color). one being that you can take double, triple, or even quadruple exposures in just one frame. i could go on and on, but check it out! i’ll also post some of the photos i’ve done using my holga.

    the holga camera:

    photos using a holga:

  3. Its true that photos have been manipulated even pre-Photoshop. The artist Jerry Uelsmann is a great example. Check out his website and you’ll be amazed that he does not use Photoshop (he tried at one point and then went back to the darkroom).

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