Sitting in the Swamps

I remember being in class toward the beginning of the semester and discussing who all had actually been able to visit the Ebenezer Swamp. I never had gone before until this Thursday.

Thursday I went out to the swamp for my Advance drawing class. We are supposed to be doing studies of the swamp land for an up coming project. At the moment, I have not finished my study but after I am done, who knows, I may even post it up on the blog.

I was actually excited to be going out to the swamp for the first time, because of our class discussions. I was prepared to go out and take in everything with a different mind set than I may of had if I had gone without taking this class.

When we got there it was quite nice. I was pretty energetic, but then I remembered where I was and realized that it must have been all the trees and oxygen. Which made me think about how in class we talked about how little of our forest we had left in the United States. One of the things I was going to question when I got there was if I see a point in having this land claimed and preserved at all, and once I remembered that fact I did begin to see why we have put aside this land and I am glad that we did.

After I got back to my room, I started to look up interesting facts about the swamp to try and get a better understanding of the swamp in general. I ended up finding numerous things about the swamp in my searches. I was actually shocked that information about the swamp was that accessible. I was expecting to find one page that wasn’t that well developed. There was even a youtube video that the school had made that I did not realize we did (Though I am sure many of you already knew about this, I am late finding out about this).

It was pretty interesting watching the video because it did address one of the things I had been wondering about the swamp. When I first got there and looked in the water it did look like there was an oil spill and I did wonder what could have caused that. It was a relief knowing that was a natural cause of the bacteria living in the swamp. One of the other things I kinda got excited about was a moment when I recalled a specific piece of art. Even though it’s kind of stupid it makes me feel like I learned some things haha. The moment I am talking about is toward the end of the video where he mentions that Jack in the Pulpit grows in the swamp. This made me think of Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings.

it is always interesting to have things like this to make certain things more relevant to you. This connection makes me feel like I understand the swamp better and brings more relevance to the paintings for me.

There is also a lot of wild life that I did not realize lived in the swamp. While I was researching it said that there is Turkey, Great Blue Heron, Woodpecker Water Moccasin, Copperhead, Raccoon, Opossum, Beavers, different kinds of salamanders and numerous species of freshwater invertebrates. I thought this was pretty cool because I dont think I’ve actually ever seen Beavers or a Turkey that cooked and thrown on a table. I wasn’t too excited about the snakes though. I don’t know the proper things to do when I see a snake like I have when I saw the video on bears. Also there were wasp, a LOT of wasp.

The websites also said that there are plans to increase the length of the boardwalk which I got pretty excited about. I think it’s that thought of exploring the “wilderness” that makes it pretty exciting though. I’m just a naturally curious person and I want to know how deep into the swamp we can go.

While I was there I also thought about Olmstead and wondered if he could have been capable in creating such a space. I tried to think about how I would feel if I suddenly found out the whole swamp had been created on an Olmstead plan and if that would end up taking anything away from it. If Olmstead could create such an environment I think it would be a good thing if only for the fact that there would be somewhere else these species of animals could exist.

As a side note I got curious and looked up what to do if you get bit by a venomous snake. They have these things called extractor kits now that I did not realize existed either.


One thought on “Sitting in the Swamps

  1. Great article! I like the question/connection to Olmsted. It’s not that he wouldn’t have been capable of something like Ebenezer Swamp, but rather that it would not have fit into his aesthetic. Who knows….

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