For our project on the Claude Glass we went to Oak Mountain State Park for our first outing. We managed to hit it right before dusk and captured some beautiful images of the light hitting the fall foliage. Here are just a couple teaser images from our trip.

Image of the view we were enjoying.

Demonstrating how to use a Claude Glass.




10 thoughts on “Teasers

  1. Way to build anticipation! These look great! I’m interested to hear how you would bring in the ideas of John Berger in Ways of Seeing to a project on Claude glasses…. Seems like literally a new way of seeing.

    • I’m glad you are enjoying our images! This is definitely opening up a new way for us to view parks that we have been to time and time again. It’s funny how a simple side mirror off an old dodge pick-up can alter the perspective on views that I have seen time and time again.

  2. Yeah seriously, these images are pretty cool and I’m interested in what you guys have to say about your experience doing this. I like it when academics presents an opportunity to go off and do something you maybe wouldn’t have done otherwise and apply some new-found knowledge.

    • Exactly! We have definitely enjoyed gathering images, while also experiencing all the great hikes and sites throughout the parks we have visited so far.

  3. Looking forward to your presentation! I agree with Andrew about Berger — it might be interesting to fold him into this project, too. (Well, his ideas, anyway!)

    • I agree. I think if we find a way to tie in Berger into our project, it would only strengthen our project’s relationship to the class! Thanks for your input Kelly!

  4. Just wondering, are any of them in color? Or did you have a specific reason for taking them all in black and white? Either way these pictures look fantastic, keep up the good work!

    • Since I am the one taking the images, did them in the same style as my work. Which is kinda stark black and white. There are a few images left in colour since know that most people prefer colour over black and white.

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