Vote to Drain Hetch Hetchy Valley in November

I found out something interesting this weekend, and I looked it up online to see if it was true. Currently, there are talks to drain the Hetch Hetchy reservoir. There will be a vote in November regarding it. Here’s a USA Today article regarding it.


2 thoughts on “Vote to Drain Hetch Hetchy Valley in November

  1. Just read through the article from your post, I probably wouldn’t have heard about it otherwise. Definitely some issues to think about with that. Humanity created the reservoir, but after 99 years, I feel like that’s become part of the environment just as naturally as if it hadn’t happened. If it were drained, it seems like it might disrupt some sort of ecosystem that’s already built itself around the reservoir being there. Plus there’s the issues with what the dam was built for and what it supplies; seems like there’s a rightful reason to keep it in place.

  2. If I understand the original situation correctly, (which I probably don’t) the dam wasn’t really necessary to begin with, but the San Francisco earthquake was what fueled the claim that the city needed it to get back on its feet. Which wasn’t necessarily true.

    Regardless, you have a point. There may be some consequences to draining it now. Regardless of what happens, it’ll be interesting to see play out and to see how people’s values have changed over time.

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