Prospectus: Animation

I apologize for this being typed up and entered onto the blog so late. I will definitely need to amend and add onto this post once I have a clearer idea of what I’m planning on doing. Considering my large workload this semester, I’m considering doing something that ties in with my Senior Art Show, to help kill two birds with one stone. However, I am still struggling with ideas, so this post is bound for change, and I am open to any suggestions I can get.

For my final project, I am planning on creating an abstract animation, perhaps a 3D animation, which deals with the idea that the National Parks are designed, maintained, and not entirely natural anymore. I want the animation to reflect metaphorically what the parks have become. My Senior Art project is currently dealing with similar issues and imagery, so I think I could tie the two together pretty well.

I am considering creating this in the open-source 3D modeling and animation software, Blender, found at Content-wise, I want to recreate a view of one of the parks, probably a view that was rendered in one of the paintings we’ve talked about (i.e., recreating Bierstadt’s Yosemite view), and have the area change and become more “synthetic” over the course of the animation. By this, I mean I want to show a human influence on the area. Perhaps reflecting literal additions to the view, or perhaps entirely constructed or even surreal. Perhaps the trees will become more blatantly artificial. Perhaps the mountains will be subdued, like in the painting series depicting the rise and fall of civilization.

In fact, it might be interesting to see something similar to that series progress in a recognizable place like Yosemite or Yellowstone.

The final animation would not be too lengthy. Probably somewhere between 1-3 minutes. In order to post it to the blog, I would upload it to YouTube and embed the final result in a blog post.
I realize this prospectus is short and lacking at the moment. I will be sure to update this with more sufficient information once I have my ideas straightened out.


3 thoughts on “Prospectus: Animation

  1. Sounds like an awesome and creative idea. Do you have a plan to incorporate some of the evidence we’ve been discussing this semester? I think maybe your animation could have a narration track to go along with it and bring in some of that information. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. I’ll consider it. I’m thinking of keeping it more interpretive to fit in with my show, so I’m not sure if I want to include a narrative track that’s straight-forward or not. For the sake of this working for this class’s final project, I may have to include some form of straight-forward evidence.

    An idea I just came up with while responding to your comment is that perhaps I could include quotes from John Muir in an audio track related to Yosemite, and then perhaps juxtapose those quotes with some bits of information related to the way the park is “designed” as the video plays?

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