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I am an art major without a concentration. I am currently taking introduction to graphic design. I really enjoy graphic design so I have decided to incorporate it into my project. My project is going to be about national park and how they are promoted and advertised to the public. I will also try to find out what makes trips to the national parks desirable vacation destinations.

For the research portion of my project I will research travel brochures and magazines promoting national parks from today and also from the past. I am going to write a paper in the form of an article, like you might see in a travel magazine, that describes how the national parks are promoted and advertised today. I would also like to compare how the promotion of the parks have changed from the time they became national parks to today. Hopefully, I will be able to find some really cool vintage travel posters that advertise the parks. I think it will also be helpful to look at some travel websites that help you plan trips to see what their selling points are.

I am currently working on a project in my graphic design class where we make a cover and two spreads for a magazine. After I gather all my research I would like to put it together and present it in the form of a magazine similar to what we are working on in class. In the magazine article I will write the article on how the parks are promoted and what makes them appealing. I will include pictures from various parks to compliment the article (Pinterest will be very helpful 🙂 Also, in graphic design we are required to make process books to show the steps of how we came up with the final design we chose and also research we did that inspired us. I plan to do something similar to a process book to go along with my magazine article. In it I will include all the research I did, including helpful articles and tons of pictures. Also, various layout ideas for the magazine portion of the project. I think the process book will definitely be helpful because I probably will not be able to include all of my finding in the article.


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  1. one place you might find vintage photos, travel posters, etc. would be in older (maybe even current) national geographics! i say older because it seems like those are easier to come by at cheap prices, and sometimes in abundance, at the thrift store. they always have great photos and perforated maps from all over the world! just a thought.

  2. I love this idea for a project!!! I think Pinterest is the perfect avenue to showcase some cultural artifacts from the past. It would be really interesting to see you do archival research and look for travel advertisements from the 1950s and 1960s in popular magazines. We have some of them here in our bound periodical collection, but you can also access many others online. Advertisements are a great reflection of human attitudes toward nature, and a great register in general about what human cultures value. Looking forward to seeing how your article and collection of images interact with one another.

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