Ideas and Fears

I have been brainstorming for days what I would like to do for my final project. Initially I thought a video format would be a good format in order to share in class as well as on the blog, but because I am not familliar with video formatting I was unsure about my personal abilities in creating somthing thats nice, informative, and flows well. After speaking with a close friend that is a Mass Comm major my fears have settled a bit. She has been to many National Parks and can edit video no problem. I plan to interview her as well as seek advice for editing when that time comes. My idea is to interview anywhere from 3-7 people depending on how many individuals I can round up and ask them about their park experience as well as some ideas we have raised in class. That is another area I would need assistance/ feedback. Some questions I was thinking of asking:

Which National Park have you visited and when?

How many times have you been?

What are your ideas regarding the creation of the National Parks?

If the parks where not owned by the government, how do you think the parks would be different?

What are your ideas (if any) of National Parks and America? Do the parks make you more proud to be an American?

Should this land continue to be free and open to everyone?

What issues (if any) would putting a price on the land raise?

Since the individuals I am interviewing likely have never taken the class I am unsure how to approach some of the questions that have been raised in class. I should defenitly go through all my notes one good time and see if there is anything else I could add that would be benefitial for the interview. I basically want to get the publics idea about National Parks. That just gave me the idea to interview maybe half of the individuals that have never been to a National Park and possibly see how the views differ among individuals who have been versus individuals who have not. Hmmm….I feel like I am getting somewhere now.

All feedback and constructive critisism is welcome! I would like suggestions on interview questions as well as on the whole concept in general. Thank you for taking the time to read my post!


7 thoughts on “Ideas and Fears

  1. i’m curious as to what people will say, also, especially if they have neither taken this class nor been to a national park. luckily i’m in this course, obviously, and have that benefit but i’ve never been to a national park. in an earlier blog post i kind of mentioned similar thoughts because i tend to fall back on my experience at state parks since i’ve never gone to a national one, but i wondered what the difference in the two were as far as experiences goes. so i look forward to what people will say! are you looking to ask other students in our class? (if you said you were in your post somewhere i must have read over that, haha! sorry!)

    • I hope to interview individuals that have been to national parks. I assume that many if not all of the people that I interview have most likely never contemplated the idea that the national parks are a part of the “tourist industry” or possibly a diversion to to the consumer culture we are all a part of. I hope to surprise people with questions that will conflict with their initial ideas of their National Park experience as well as influence how they experience National Parks in the future.

      If for some reason I do not get enough feedback from possible interviewers I could choose to interview individuals who have never been to a National Park and see why as well as raise the same questions about National Parks being a culturally constructed tourist product and see how their views change when thinking of Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite.

  2. This is a great idea, and I also think that it will be very interesting to see how people’s answers vary depending on if they have ever been to a national park or not. You have also come up with some great questions!

  3. There’s a lot of potential here to create a kinda of mini-documentary, where you make the interviews with other people/students central but also add in other kinds of information. The form is up to you, but one of the things I admire about documentaries like Ken Burns’s The National Parks is how much research and information he manages to represent. And let’s be honest, we’ve already read a lot of material that can be represented in this project! You’ll have to do a lot to frame the responses from other people you’ll get, I’d imagine. Be sure to book time and space in the digital media lab.

    • I agree there is a lot of potential for a mini-documentary, and the idea sounds really exciting. However, I do not feel confident in my abilities to create a entire documentary. I have been giving this a lot of thought and have considered intertwining a powerpoint and videos. The powerpoint could offer the in depth information from readings/ art we have covered and videos could offer some sort of response or just individuals ideas regarding some of those issues. I will try to finish up several videos this week and schedule time in the digital media lab to attempt to make connections with the videos and information I intend to gather and sync together.

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