The Epitome of the Sublime

Though it has been posted a bit late, I have been thinking about my prospectus and I have not really been able to stray from this one idea. It is hard to develop other leads when the possibility of this topic is still hanging over my head.

In my last blog post I discussed the different points of view on the Sublime. This topic, for some reason, is still something I rethink frequently. As an art major, I’ve also always found the way other people perceive the world around them interesting. So for my prospectus, I was thinking about something along the lines of getting a group or forum of people together to cooperate and draw what their view of the sublime is.

I just want them to basically create a photo of what, in their opinion, would be their perfect place or view that brings out the most awe in them. After gathering all of the photos they have drawn, I then want to take all the photos and place them into Photoshop and create a giant collage of all these pictures to see if the end product comes out as something we can all see as sublime.

As I was thinking about this project I started to pick out little things. For one, not everyone I know can draw a masterpiece. So I was thinking of incorporating the option to pull these perfect images out of books, magazines, or the internet. I still have not decided if this could result in a problem though. The other problem is if I explain this to someone I know and get their cooperation I feel like everyone will end up drawing a picture of a beach haha. Though I do agree, beaches are nice, I do not think they are appropriate for this project. So I would have to end up making a “No beaches rule” which actually sounds a bit ridiculous in my opinion. Besides that I am not too sure what other kind of guideline I would have in my research.

Then there is the question of “Do I include my own idea of the sublime in this project? I do not see that as a problem, but normally in research the researcher does step out so as not to cause any disturbance with the results. There is no right or wrong answer for this though. It is just an accumulation of all these images.

My other problem is when I do reconstruct these images together. Do I just make it so that you can see every single detail of every photo I get (Which if you get Photoshop terms. Make transparent layers and Overlays to make a giant mass of a picture) Which could get messy, OR do I pick and choose elements from all the photos I get? If I do that, then how would I go about choosing what gets in the final image and what stays out. These are just some of the ideas I’ve been throwing around. I apologize if it’s confusing. It’s still kind of an abstract thought in my mind.

So just so I make sure I covered everything:

Working Title: The Epitome of the Sublime

Medium: Books, Magazines, internet (also Photoshop), to construct an “ultimate” version of the sublime through the use of an individuals perspective of what the view as awe inspiring. I think whatever they can use is free game.

Names of Collaborators: I was planning on doing this on my own, but ultimately I suppose whoever I have take part in my project may count. . For the purpose of this class though, just me. 🙂

Timeline/ Plan of Action: From now until at least a month before the project is due so that I may have enough time to collage the images. I haven’t decided if it’s necessary to make a time constraint on how long they may have to create their individual images or not though.

Resources being Consulted: Anything I feel like may be used in the construction of this project.

As far as what category I would place it in I suppose it would be included in Artistic Creations. I cannot help but wonder if I can merge different categories and think things to myself like “What if I filmed this and turned it into a video documentary? Would that add to my idea or would it be doing far to much to record my progress as I go along?

My idea can definitely be developed more and I’ll be sure to continue working on it as I come up with more problems and solutions for these problems, but so far I just wanted to know if this seems like an ok idea to go with. Does it sound too boring. Not complex enough? Or did I just not explain it very well? Thanks for everyone’s time!


2 thoughts on “The Epitome of the Sublime

  1. Beaches are a rather generic answer when it comes to sublime feelings. However, you may want to check out Point Reyes National Seashore in California during your research. It’s basically this massive streatch of shoreline. Granted, it’s not a National Park, however, it still contains wildlife. I could be totally offbase though. Just food for thought.
    I like the fact that you want to expand this class by bringing in outside influences (the collection of photographs that you plan on acquiring). Maybe you could expand on this idea by taking random surveys in the cafe? I wouldn’t restrict yourself to people you know. You never know what kind of results you will get from the people you don’t know. You could have them go out and take a photograph of their sublime place/idea, and send it to you via e-mail. Again, just a thought. I am very interested to see what you come up with!

  2. Ok, I am finally weighing in on this! It looks like a good and interesting idea. One of the major stumbling blocks I see is that one of the core questions of this project, “what is your perfect place?” is ultimately subjective. That’s not bad, but it should make you reshape the stakes of your project to representing how/what people think about the sublime over time. And yes, your own notion of the sublime should inform every phase of this project, I believe. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

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