Scale Down

I saw the Avette Brothers post and instantly loved the idea of incorporating a music video into a blog post. I racked my brain to think of a music video that was as powerful as “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Sorrow” and after a few seconds these southern soul sisters came to mind.

This has got to be the most powerful song/video I have herd and seen ever! I even had the pleasure to see these sisters at a music festival this summer. They are even more powerful live! I hate they did not play this song; but they surly did not disappoint my eyes or ears.

The lyrics to the song are as follows:

Stand up look around and
then scale back down too

See I believe in a revolution, I believe it is a hell,
I believe in it, take care of it daily daily on demand because…
I am a blacksmith of metal and words and a sheep that pitch black too,
and in this life spun short in the span of things I believe there’s a bit more that we ought to be trying
Cause 500 hundred years ago, when these trees were more dense,
and the colors pristine, so the chaos made sense.
There was no knowing of loss of a mountain,
the whole mountain that I call home and these same hills roll on and on,
without mention of vanish or where fools belong and these same mountains that go to peace
long before the noose, and now that soon is really gone, now that too is nearly gone
so tell me what have we done as a civilization to destroy in our own wake that
metaphorical hand that feeds us we are trashing our own birthday cake
and I consider myself a skeptic but I’m optimist in soul and we are all getting force fed,
we are led around like the bull and he is huge and rageful and somehow subdued and hauled by those thick rings
so don’t you too shut out the filthy, nasty, sticky truth of things
So here we go, get the fuck out your car, walk, it’s good for you stop consuming blindly,
get by on what you do have and then scale that down too

Take a long hard look at you
It starts there, we all got a lot to say about everybody else its our own transgression that always tends to melt into
who’s fault who’s blame who’s wrong, but each and everyone of us is doing something
its too hard, too fast, too long and there’s
none but ourselves to make this thing last, none but ourselves to make this thing last…
Stand up look around and
scale that down too

It starts there, take a long hard look at you, you stand up, look around and then you scale that down too
These lyrics are so important. I bolded the lines that I thought would mean the most to the individuals in this class as well as the ones that pertained the most to the material we have been studying. The fact that “we are trashing our own birthday cake” is the reason National Parks were created in order to “protect ourselves from ourselves”, as one gentleman said in the documentary in class last night.

As a civilization today we do tend to “shut out the nasty, sticky truth”. If we do find truth we do find comfort in blaming others. I love how this song ends with “take a long hard look at you”. We can all do this. We can all scale down. We can all stand up!

I hope this song, these sisters, this video, and these powerful lyrics inspire you all. Song can be the most powerful beginning of a peaceful revolution. Please share any songs you may have that could inspire, smile and allow me dance in my pj’s.


2 thoughts on “Scale Down

  1. Great song and video! I’m only a little familiar with Southern Soul Sisters, but now I do want to hear more. 🙂

    I do think you could really do more to analyze both the song and the video in relationship to what we’ve been studying about the national parks and environmental issues, in general (they all overlap at some point!).

    You might consider these questions:
    – How does the song and the video reference tribal culture(s)? Why might they do this?
    – The song is called Appalachia Rising — to what might this reference? I tend to think that its about mountain top removal — if you don’t know that is, you should do a quick internet search. Its been terribly devastating to Appalachia and to the people who live there.
    – There is a quick image of a graphic with a raised fist — this is symbol of EARTHFIRST! Check them out and see what they are and how it might connect with the lyrics of this song or the video (or both).
    – Provide more analysis of the lyrics — explain for us exactly how it references ideas we’ve been talking about.

  2. I agree with Kelly… Where does this song fit in with what we’ve read and what we’ve been saying about art or the national parks this semester? There are more connections to be made, although if this is correct in that it’s tagged under “miscellaneous discussion,” than you are more than welcome to just throw something out there!

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