Living in Peace

Edward Hicks, Peaceable Kingdom (c. 1834)

I really am fascinated by this painting. I will admit that at first seeing it on the screen in class, it freaked me out. As I kept looking at it though and understood it better, it wasn’t so bad after all.

This painting is the poster child for peace in nature and politics. It looks very elementary and not folk art by any means. But it is that innocence that it conveys that makes it interesting.

In class, we discussed how this painting is the artist own version of Eden. Hicks’ Eden consists of everyone getting along. There is peace in nature and politics.


One thought on “Living in Peace

  1. Interesting thought here, but way too short of a response. Do some research on the painting. Find out what its about (there are lots of versions of it). Analyze your reaction to it. Its very well known — why might we be so fascinated with it? By academic standards it has lots of “problems” — what are they? And, why doesn’t it matter, really, in terms of how its been received?

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