The Melting Pot

            The United States of America is often referred to as the great American melting pot. People flock to the United States from all corners of the World. Some people come to this country by boat, and some individuals arrive by plane. Most people enter the country through the proper channels of citizenship, while some risk life and limb to sneak across the border. Many immigrants go to great lengths just to obtain passage to the United States. Immigrants pay extraordinary fares, and endure harsh conditions in hopes of reaching the American shorelines. In the article, What is an American, the author Hector Crevecouer describes America as a perfect society where man is free. The United States of America is the land of opportunity. I believe that America offers immigrants great hope and everlasting freedom.

            Life in the United States is appealing to immigrants for several reasons. One of the most important reasons centers on the idea of freedom. In this country, people are free to practice their own religious beliefs. An assortment of different churches, sanctuaries, temples, and mosques are located throughout the country. People are free to pick and choose their own place of worship. Individuals can partake in their religious beliefs without any persecution from the government. In the United States, there are laws that protect people from religious discrimination. For some, this freedom is often taken for granted. I do not believe that most people realize the significance of this concept. Some countries have laws against practicing any religion, except for the religion that the government has asserted. Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and Iran are a few examples of some counties that are extremely intolerant of other religions. In Iran, converting to Christianity is punished by death according to the country’s Sharia law. In North Korea, ownership of Bibles is considered illegal, and is punished by imprisonment or execution. Crevecouer notes that America’s indifference to religion is one of their strongest characteristics. I think that most immigrants see America as a safe haven for all religious beliefs.

            I believe immigrants also come to America in search of political freedom. In the United States, political freedom means the right to vote, the right to free expression, and the right of free association. There are many counties that do not allow political freedom. Yemen, Cuba, and Syria are just a few examples of counties that lack political freedom. In Yemen, the government retains a monopoly on all televised and radio broadcasts. Journalists are usually beaten if they publicly insult or slander leaders of their country. Most people that live in the United States do not fully appreciate their political freedom. Many individuals take for granted a free press, free elections, and a right to organize. The founders of this country created certain documents to ensure the preservation of individualized political freedoms and civil rights. I believe most immigrants perceive America as a sanctuary for individuals that are fleeing from oppression.

            Most of all, I believe that immigrants are in search of better lives for themselves and their families. Poverty is at the center of many countries throughout the world. Starvation and malnutrition are a normal part of many peoples’ lives. Food is extremely limited and even scarce in many countries. Water is also a rare commodity for many people. I believe most immigrants dream of a world where food and water are plentiful. I think immigrants come to the United States searching for a life where resources for their family are not restrained or restricted. Over one billion people around the world are starving. Malnutrition is especially prevalent throughout Africa and Asia. In Africa, half of the population of children have some type of abnormality because they simply lack proper diets and clean drinking water. In the article, Crevecouer claims that in 1772, immigrants mainly flocked to America in hopes of harvesting suitable crops for their families. More than two hundred and forty years later, individuals are still migrating to the United States searching for better ways to provide for their families.

            Immigrants flock to the United States for many reasons. Some individuals are searching for civil liberties and religious freedom. Many immigrants are trying to escape a life of tyranny and oppression. Most individuals feel that America offers more economic opportunities. Some people even migrate to the United States in search of security and protection. Whatever the reason for migrating to the United States, one thing is for certain, immigrants are searching for a better life. Crevecouer states that America has many charms and presents immigrants with many temptations. I feel that the United States of America offers immigrants the possibilities of freedom and hope beyond their wildest dreams.


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