The Avett Brothers and The Course of Empire

I have been struggling with blog ideas the last few weeks, but someone introduced me to this song by The Avett Brothers this weekend. The song is excellent but irrelevant. The video on the other hand, instantly reminded me of The Course of Empire series by Thomas Cole. I thought of the statement someone made in class the other day about how nature doesn’t need us. It does just fine on its own. That is too true. It is also very interesting how nature goes through cycles as shown in the video and as illustrated by Cole. My favorite piece in Cole’s series is definitely Desolation.

It is as if nature has served its purpose. It gave the people a place to live and grow, and now it is resting and waiting of someone or something else to come along and put it to use.

One thought on “The Avett Brothers and The Course of Empire

  1. I don’t think the song is irrelevant at all! In fact it’s completely apropos. Cole’s cycle is all about doubt; doubt of the ability to continue empire, of it’s effects on people and places, and on the process of building empire in an uncertain landscape. I like this connection a lot!

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