maybe i’ll rent a winnebago?

well, here goes for my “welcome to the blog” post! something that i thought about while pondering national parks, and racking my brain thinking very hard about whether or not i actually have visited a national park, and i’m sure that’s something i would recall, but what about state parks? what’s the difference in the influence a national park has upon culture, trends, artists, movements, people, etc. versus that of a state park? because while thinking about all the hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities i’ve done and places i’ve traveled to over the years, all made the “state park” list! for example, this summer i traveled out to california with my family and while we were there we hiked at palomar mountain state park, and i fell even more in love with the outdoors than i already am.

simplicity. palomar mountain state park, california.

but eventually i will have the opportunity to visit somewhere like yosemite national park, and when i do i know that i will be in awe of how beautiful and unlike alabama it is as i come away with thousands, i’m sure, of photos from that trip. but until the funds come together for that sort of venture or my parents decide to rent a winnebago to drive across the country in (which i’m actually hoping will not happen anytime soon because, as we all know, days on end trapped with your family in any size vehicle could potentially be dangerous to everyone involved, especially when my mom offers for a friend to tag along), i will be sticking to good ole state parks such as monte sano where i enjoy hiking rocky trails with my dad over the weekend or more aggressive trails in search of a waterfall at oak mountain or maybe even that occasional trip over the summer out to cali where we hike the santa rosa plateau (which is exactly what i imagine africa to look like). every spot is a photographer’s playground, but especially that last place. it is absolutely gorgeous.

horizons. santa rosa plateau ecological reserve, california.

however, a more realistic trip, as far as national parks goes, might be a weekend visit out at bankhead national forrest! i’ve heard that there are several amazing trails out there in addition to lots of great camping, canoeing and kayaking, as well as climbing. not to mention that it’s only two hours and seven minutes from montevallo, located northwest of birmingham and west of cullman. um, fieldtrip, anyone?

little caterpillar. palomar mountain state park, california.


One thought on “maybe i’ll rent a winnebago?

  1. I want to go with you, I have always wanted to drve across country but there has always been something holding me back:( A friend and I came close to investing in a winnebago so we could move at out own pace and see the landscape.pick up odd jobs to pay for food and gas but it has not happened yet maybe one day.

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