Hello All,   …

Hello All,

   I have contemplated heavily the past 3 weeks about what I would write about in my introductory post. I have never been to a National Park, so that rules out that in a post. I have never traveled anywhere out of the country, again, that post is out the door, but I do have something that might be of some worth to my blog.  I do have a love for the “wilderness” and all that it stands for.  I enjoy a good hike, run in a park, and occasional camping in the woods, as long as it involves making smores.  As a kid, I loved playing all day in the woods, discovering trees and rivers bigger than anything I had ever seen, and coming home with ticks and bug bites, which Mom was not a big fan of.  Yet, all of those things really do not come close to the true meaning of nature, but they are the closest activities that our society will maintain the idea of.  

   A few semesters ago I ordered a movie off Netflix called Into The Wild.  I had heard many references to the movie and decided to give it a try.  To my surprise, the movie was inspirational, moving, and captivating.  The movie is also based on a true story, which I could hardly wrap my brain around.  After watching the movie I had a whole new respect for “wilderness” and “free spirited” people.  The idea of “wilderness” relieving you of social, economical, and cognitive obligations.  The idea of “wilderness” allowing you to become who you think you are or who you should be.  The idea that “wilderness” can take it all away any way that it wants were all realizations I had after viewing the movie.  Each time I am sitting in class, a reference to the movie comes to mind.  Into The Wild, for me, gave me a true sense of the meaning of “wilderness”.  In the last class, we expressed what the word “wilderness” means from many different perspectives.  The word “wilderness”, I feel, is expressed in so many ways in the movie Into The Wild.  The movie also expresses how vulnerable and susceptible we are to the “wilderness” due to our (when I say our I mean our society) misconstrued view of the word.  The whole Materialistic vs Naturalistic definitely comes to mind when I think of this movie and when I think or our society.  The meaning of the word “wilderness” has changed so much and will continue to change as time progresses.  Into The Wild really put the true meaning of the word into perspective for me.  I would suggest the movie to anyone contemplating moving away because of life’s obligations and I would especially suggest the movie to anyone who takes this course. I won’t explain the movie, because I feel I might write another post on the movie and it’s meaning, but I will leave you with a video


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