A Handful of Thoughts

This is, obviously, my first post here. I’m not really sure of how to approach blogging and especially blogging for school. I’m a bit worried that my posts will all look like journal entries or that I’ll make myself look dumb or pretentious or a whole handful of things that I’m not. This first post, despite being two weeks late (I’m sorry, I’m way too easily distracted), is just going to be my reaction to the first class and sharing and rambling about a Korean music video that came to mind during class. I know I have a tendency to ramble and I’m sorry if I get a bit wordy in all of this. I’m going to go ahead and give you a cut now, so please read more if you have the time~

 The only comments I really have from our first class are about the video. I really liked talking about how going to a park is like a return to where we came from or returning to Eden. Comparing the national parks to monuments or national treasure was really neat, too. I also really liked the bits of the video that were talking about how nature is always changing and sculpting itself and growing and dying and we don’t really think of the earth as being in a constant cycle of birth and rebirth and death. Like the goddess who destroys everything she touches, but is always creating new land. Since she was a volcanic island? It was something like that, my memory is a bit fuzzy on it. I really love hearing about myths like that and was a bit disappointed that no one brought up the Native American aspect that was presented in the video. (Though, there wasn’t a whole lot said about their beliefs or very much about them brought up in the video…) I thought that was very interesting and it’s a huge part of our heritage, even though most of us don’t have all that much Indian blood in us.

Also, a lot of the places that we talked about were in the west. I haven’t ever been to a national park, but my family (when I was young) lived in Knoxsville, Tennessee and very close to a lot of hiking trails and waterfalls in the mountains. We would go hiking almost every weekend when the weather was nice and it was absolutely incredible. There are a lot of places that, while they may not be a national park and may not be what we relate to the art and the sort of culture and feeling surrounding national  parks, are still incredibly beautiful. Calling a place a park, to me, just makes it feel man-made, if that makes any sense. Yes, the places are protected and are supposed to be like they haven’t been altered at all, but I feel that the hiking trails through the mountains just feel more natural. Especially if you’re in places where you get a chance to go off the trails and explore the surrounding forests and areas. Not only are these places closer to home and easier for us to get to (still a bit of a drive, but definitely much closer than the places that were mentioned in class), but they don’t feel as intimidating to me, if that makes sense. The national parks have this huge awe inspiring sort of feeling. Pristine is a word that comes to mind. Like, we can go out there and see them and yes, we’ll be a part of nature, but we’re also held apart from it because they’re such a huge deal and so protected and so big and intensely beautiful. But, going on a hiking trail through the woods or up along a mountain to see a waterfall can also give us those feelings of closeness to nature. We had our own tribes of Native Americans in this area with their own beliefs about where the world originated and their own sacred places. It doesn’t feel as far removed. I’m not sure how much artwork there is out there depicting the mountains in Tennessee or the swamps a bit farther south, though. And I feel like I’m rambling about this way too much and not really getting my point across, so I’m thinking it’d be best for me to stop this rant here, maybe edit later, and move on to rambling about this music video.

The version of the video that I’m embedding into this post is the song in Korean. There is a Worldwide version in English, too. The song is a love song and the group is a Korean hip hip group, but some of the imagery in the video kept on coming to mind for me when we were talking about our hand and foot prints on the world. I know we didn’t talk too much about that, but how us trying to preserve the national parks was actually hurting things (like all the wildfires) sort of made me think of this.

This is also one of my favourite groups, so I guess I’m also sort of shamelessly trying to promote them… The lyrics in the different versions sound like they’re definitely different, but I’d have to look up a translation for the Korean to be able to share what the differences are. If anyone is interested, please let me know, and I can do some searching around and try to find a translation.

Thank you very much for reading over all of this!!
I hope that you enjoyed my rambling~
Until next time
♥ Kime


4 thoughts on “A Handful of Thoughts

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and also watching the video. The visuals of the human body as earth (plus green Earth vs. polluted Earth) are really interesting. It reminded me of some early work by Charles Simonds where he made miniature adobe style dwellings and installed them on his body; the photographs he took make it hard to discern what is real earth and what is his body.

    You mentioned the idea of Eden — this is a topic we’ll come back to from time to time. One of the writers we’ll read near the end of the semester really criticizes this way of thinking about nature and its really altered the way I think about things.

    Also, the Hawaiian goddess is called Pele.

  2. The music video was very interesting. I just wish I knew what they were saying. I loved how the earth was made up around the person’s face and body. In a way, I saw it as we make up the earth and that the earth is much like us. It lives and changes everyday and when we do something to the earth whether bad or good – it reacts to it just like our own human bodies react to things.

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