Steal This Idea

I keep thinking about what I might do for a research project for this course if I were a student.  And then I wish that I could see how it would turn out!

In the spirit of sharing good (hopefully) ideas, I am going to list here some ideas that might make good research projects. Feel free to use or modify any ideas presented here.  I will update this post as inspiration strikes.

  • The Three Bears: a critical study of Humphrey (Disney), Smokey (National Forest Service), and Yogi (Hannah-Barbera)
  • Claude Glass: a study of the historic use of a Claude Glass; making/using a Claude Glass to “find” picturesque or sublime views around campus or Montevallo
  • Find and document scenic views on campus and/or in Montevallo based on patterns found in landscape paintings and photographs discussed in class
  • Travel to a National Park or a State Park (Oak Mountain is just 20 minutes away) and compare the design of national parks to the place that you visit. You could also consider management and use of the park in light of what we have studied, or how the “technology” of the park.

To give credit where credit is due–the title of this post is stolen from Aby Hoffman’s book, Steal This Book (1970), a counter-culture guide to fighting corporations and the government.  Much to Hoffman’s dismay, it became a best seller.


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