Labor Day Weekend Announcements

Happy Labor Day.  Here’s a few weekend announcements pertaining to class, blogging, and readings.

1.  When we come back next week, we’ll be synthesizing several things:  Grusin’s “Introduction,” Cronon’s “The Trouble with Wilderness,” (briefly) Nash’s “Old World Roots of Opinion,” and several paintings. Now is the time to start reading these and making connections, asking questions, and generating ideas for free-form articles or art interpretation blog posts.

2.  There’s also still time to write a general “welcome to the blog” post.  This can be something informal, in which you  tell us what you hope to gain from the course, something about yourself and your experiences in the national parks, or whatever you want.

3. I updated the blogging guidelines page to give everyone more of an idea about what to write for blog posts. If you have any questions, especially if you are having difficulty signing in to the blog, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


4 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Announcements

  1. Thanks for getting the gallery added — I will start loading some images tomorrow when I am back in the office. I will also have the Nash reading up tomorrow, too!

  2. hey! ok, kelly, when you say “gallery” do you mean a gallery of images or the readings or blogs? i’m slightly confused about that because i haven’t seen a tab for the gallery. i have a similar question for andrew, by “blogging guidelines” do you mean an actual tab? if so i can’t see that either. sorry to be lost in the details!

  3. ah, i sure feel like an idiot. somehow i was viewing the page completely wrong. i see everything now, my eyes have been opened! haha!

    • I love it when the light bulb goes off! I just replied to your email — if you still need help I can show you after class (307) tomorrow.

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